Surely Labour would ‘remain in opposition for decades’ and become ‘unelectable’ if Corbyn DOESN’T win?

How can Labour expect to challenge the Tories without those of us that only voted for them to get the Tories out, the ‘hold your nose’ voters? Surely Labour would ‘remain in opposition for decades’ and become ‘unelectable’ if Corbyn doesn’t win? 

(Please also read this regarding the absurdity of comparing Corbyn to the 1983 election, it really is well worth a read, and a bookmark, to be able to use as a reference point against anyone claiming there are similarities and that it’s reason not to vote for Corbyn, as it really isn’t.)

Obviously it would depend on whether, whichever other candidate was to win, had managed to receive votes from those that previously didn’t support/vote, people that were either new to politics or had voted Lib Dem, Tory or UKIP (I doubt those supporting Corbyn’s competition will be from those that left during New Labour or support/voted Greens, TUSC or SNP).

I just can’t see how Labour would stand any chance of winning the election in 2020 without us ‘hold your nose’ voters?

Unless they have been able to, during this leadership election, or are able to, before the next election, somehow receive a huge surge in support from the aforementioned groups (new to politics, Tory/UKIP), which if they carry on as they have recently, being a pale imitation of the Tories, which is what it appears the other three candidates are offering, then they won’t see a huge surge in support. Just like during the New Labour years, losing 5 million voters, they will lose millions more that support Corbyn and even more pertinent – they will lose the latest generation of eligible voters, they’ll go into a spiral that without huge changes may become irreversible. 

Now I don’t want to appear/be perceived as to be stooping to the level of Blairites and the mainstream media by writing a scaremongering piece. I’m trying to think of what may possibly happen if their scaremongering was to work and Corbyn wasn’t to win. I’d love to hear from Burnham and/or Cooper and/or Kendall supporters on this. How will you win an election without the ‘hold your nose’ voters? How will you show the latest politically active generation that they should support a non-Corbyn led centrist/centre right Labour Party? How will you win back the working class majority that left during New Labour – that either no longer vote at all, that now support/voted TUSC and/or Greens, or those working class that now support/voted Tory or UKIP? Labour won’t be able to be all things to all people, attempting to do that failed at the last election and at the next election doing the same thing will lose even more votes from each side, surely?

A Corbyn led Labour will have set principles, it will stand for something and people will be able to distinguish it from other parties, people will know what they’re voting for. A Corbyn led Labour Party might very well lose some past and current supporters to begin with, but it will be able to attract the millions of non-voters, it will attract some/many that support/voted for the Greens and/or TUSC and if you look at what the majority of UKIP supporters wanted before the last election then it will also attract some/many that support/voted for UKIP. It may also attract some/many that support/voted SNP.

Given time to prove himself, given time to correct the myths on certain topics/issues such as the economy and austerity, on welfare, on business, given time to show those supporting other candidates, regardless of whether they’re selfish ‘I’m alright Jack’s’ or have been manipulated/misinformed by the mainstream media or whatever/why ever they support other candidates (I’m not saying that all those not supporting Corbyn are selfish or misinformed, but I’m definitely saying that some are!), that actually a Corbyn led Labour Party is what is best for them as individuals and for society. Between now and the 2020 election, those that might possibly leave the party if Corbyn wins, will most likely return once they get to know him, his principles/beliefs and the truth on his policies. On top of all this, and it could be argued most importantly, a Corbyn led Labour Party will attract and inspire the latest and following generations.

Another huge factor, that I can’t believe I didn’t think of when I initially wrote this, is the inevitable implosion of the Conservative Party surrounding the debate over EU membership and the inevitable backlash the Tories will face once their most recent budget starts to impact on the lives of people that have, so far, not had to deal with as much personal loss as others ‘beneath’ them. Even though the truth is that they have been affected, the stats are there on how much, especially families, have lost and how wages have remained stagnant while the cost of living has risen. But, those affected, were conned into the narrative of – ‘Labour’s overspending was to blame, that it was necessary for us to endure the tightening of our belts to balance the books.’ – which I’m fairly sure that the readers of this blog will know, is a big load of nonsense. 

When the Tories inflicted drastic cuts between 2010 – 2012 they had less public support than when Osborne quietly and covertly went to plan B, something that allowed him and the Tories to make the claim austerity was necessary despite the fact that they weren’t carrying out actions and policies to match their rhetoric. The austerity policies recently announced in the last budget will again, when inflicted, create public disapproval, but this time with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Labour will be able to use that public anger to engage the working classes, a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party can show society what can be achieved if society backs him and Labour. 

Labour MP’s must realise that Labour will have a huge opportunity to put forward an alternative to the Tories while the Tories are shooting themselves in the foot with ideologically driven, life destroying and ending, austerity. And while the Tories go through infighting over EU membership, Labour MP’s must respect the democratic decision of its members and supporters, they must show a united and solid front while the Tories go into disarray.

I’d like to consider myself open minded and fairly able at critical analysis (my degree was in Psychology so I should be good at it really!), obviously we all fall prey to cognitive bias. I just can’t see how the Labour Party without anyone but Jeremy Corbyn, will stand any chance of winning the next election, please someone enlighten me if you think I’m wrong? I also can’t see how anyone but Jeremy Corbyn will actually be an opposition to this oppressive Tory regime, how anyone but Jeremy Corbyn will protect and help people in society, how anyone else would stand up to the Tories, stand up for ALL in society and fight for what is ultimately right, fair and just.

It isn’t left wingers that are infiltrating the Labour Party, we’re taking our party back from the right wing New Labour infiltrators.

Please if you support any of the other candidates try and enlighten me and answer the questions/doubts I have over the future of the Labour Party if Corbyn doesn’t win.

NOT in a derogatory way with insults or full of irrational and emotional mutterings but carefully considered analysis and reasoning, and with your own thoughts please, not regurgitated hooey from ex-politicians and the mainstream media.

I’m genuinely curious as to what non-Corbyn supporters genuinely, unblinded and well informed think will happen to the Labour Party if Corbyn doesn’t win?
Genuinely curious as to how a Burnham, Cooper or Kendall win will lead to anything but the shrinking of the Labour Party?

Try and prove me wrong please!

Thanks for reading.

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10 thoughts on “Surely Labour would ‘remain in opposition for decades’ and become ‘unelectable’ if Corbyn DOESN’T win?

  1. I agree with your analysis.

    Providing the level of support for Mr. Corbyn is accurately predicted in the polls, any attempt to “remove” him after the election would be disastrous. Not for him, but for Labour, and, dependent upon whether he manages to stay in his position, it may ultimately backfire on those who collude in it.

    If he doesn’t manage to stay in his position after an attack to oust him, that really doesn’t bode well either. As you say, many have been voting Labour, not reluctantly, but with a sense of sadness and a sense of loss. If it’s made clear to those people, who are long time supporters and probably long time members, that the right will cling to power regardless of the wishes of the membership, I think a lot of people will leave. And not just new people.

    If Mr. Corbyn is voted in, and manages to stay as Leader, and then the Corbyn wave starts to gain momentum with the larger public outside of a passing interest in politics, I’ll be interested to see just when these claims of “unelectibility” stop. How many will it take, supporting Corbyn led Labour? A few hundred thousand? A million? Five million? More?

    I’ve heard Jeremy Corbyn say this more than a few times about how events have been playing out, and he’s absolutely right. It’s fascinating.

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    1. What intrigues me is what the anti-Corbyn brigade think they’re doing shouting “Labour=unelectable Labour=unelectable” at every possible opportunity. Surely the Blair years have taught them Something about public relations & advertising. The law of self-fulfilling prophecy comes to mind too. If only to have a chance of overcoming these malign messages Corbyn just has to win, prove his policies and surge on to a Tory overthrow – preferably.

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  2. In my opinion if Labour remain Tory Lite they will lose the 2020 election as voters will just vote for the real thing and if Corbyn wins and Labour becomes a genuine centre left-wing party, Labour will lose because the media will wage a brutal, unrelenting propaganda campaign against them which will probably scare the electorate away. Even if they did win on a left-wing platform, the powers that be would just sabotage them with financial terrorism like they did to Greece. The cards are stacked, this game is rigged. The house always wins eventually.

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  3. I don’t share in your pessimism, I do agree that the scaremongering and propaganda would be relentless, but that grassroots movements and increased political involvement (which is why I back Stella Creasy for deputy, I may disagree with a lot of her personal views, although not all, it’s her passion for political engagement that I support, it will add to Corbyn’s principles to be the leadership duo that Labour needs) will give them the best chance to nullify the scaremongering. Obviously there’s more to it than that but I think the best way to ease the oppression by our MSM is by working class political involvement. If a Corbyn led Labour Party was to win in 2020 then I agree they would have powerful opponents to everything they do, but reforming the media, which I believe Corbyn would do, will help. Plus if they managed to win then that will probably mean that society has become more involved, like in Scotland with the referendum, and together we are stronger and more is possible. Do I believe a Corbyn led Labour government will be able to make a big difference to society, the system and culture? Yes I do, it won’t be easy and they won’t be able to make all the changes that are needed, in-fact they’ll probably only make a few. But just like what Thatcher did, she started something that is not only still happening but is getting worse, I believe a Corbyn led Labour Party would do the same, start something that will build and build, but this time in the right (left) direction.

    Idealistic? Maybe. But the hope that we feel, that change is possible, is definitely real.

    Thanks for your comment 🙂


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