How it feels for far too many people with a disability in Tory Britain

Fear of, and actual judgement is extremely debilitating. Causing lonelines, worsening health, suffering and even death

If you have a disability, fluctuating condition, or any health issue that you’re trying to manage, improve or recover from then the current engineered culture has meant you’re in a lose-lose situation. 

If you try improve/recover or make the most of a ‘good’ day then you are labelled a ‘fraud’, if you don’t/aren’t able to make the most of a ‘good’ day or don’t/aren’t able to improve/recover then you are labelled a ‘scrounging welfare dependent’. 

What exactly do people want those with fluctuating/complicated health problems to do?!

Is a little empathy in society too much to ask for? Or for society to show some compassion and understanding? Why can’t people have some support? Why can’t people leave those with health issues to try make the most of a ‘good’ day?

Society should give support and not judge people while they to try improve/recover, while they try to cope with/manage their health, try and have dignity and choice, try and have a life and quality of life, without people relentlessly judging, vilifying, attacking, blaming, belittling, tormenting, labelling and basically destroying the lives of people that already have it harder than anyone could ever imagine!!


How about we fight to end the quick to judge, quick to blame, quick to presume, fight to end our ‘blame the individual’ culture.

How about we fight to stop people from being so judgemental, from blaming the individuals suffering, from making presumptions about people despite not knowing anything about the individual and their circumstances. 

How about we fight our Conservative government and the mainstream media lies, spin and propaganda, fight the ‘scrounging, something-for-nothing, fraudulent welfare dependent’ narrative that goes largely unchallenged, that is becoming so engrained into the minds of the majority in society that opposing it becomes increasingly difficult the longer we stand by and do nothing, the longer we leave it the more complicit we are in the deaths and suffering

How about we fight the manipulation of society, the intentional division and conflict our government and mainstream media manufacture to serve their own self-interests and the interests of the wealthy elite, the 1%.

How about we fight now and we don’t give up until we stop the deaths and continued suffering, not just of those with disabilities but of those in poverty, those that die needlessly every year due to fuel poverty, that our governments policies combined with their, and the complicit mainstream media, scrounger narratives are directly responsible for. 

How about we come together to come up with a plan to take a stand, to oppose our government and media and fight back! 


The following was sent to me anonymously by someone that was part of a non-profit ‘mutual support group’ that I started, initially for people suffering with chronic pain, that then expanded to include people with many and various different disabilities and health (physical and mental) difficulties. We had local support groups, a website and social media presence with thousands of people from all over the world. Although people had/have different difficulties/conditions there was plenty of similar problems that people suffered/suffer through, all because of government policies and the engineered individualism in our capitalist societies, all because of the design by our oppressive plutocrats that don’t care what happens to people suffering in their pursuit of even more wealth and power. I don’t blame the ‘ordinary’ individuals that have been manipulated/brainwashed into the societal culture of ‘blame the individual’, I detest their actions but appreciate that they are the oppressed, not the oppressors and it is the oppressors that we have to fight. 

I no longer run the non-profit, when I earlier said ‘we had’ it should have really just said ‘I had’. Some people did contribute and help but I started and ran the whole organisation pretty much single handedly. I’m not saying this because I want praise for what I did, I’m saying it because of the experiences I had of speaking to thousands of people. I had to stop to concentrate on my own difficulties. I ran the whole thing from my phone while laid down resting to cope with my own difficulties and it prevented me from trying to improve my own circumstances. I wish I could have carried it on or found others to take it on but I couldn’t. I learned so much running it, I spoke with thousands of people, through my own experiences and through talking with thousands of others I can say that the following is true of how far too many people feel and what far too many have had, and continue, to go through. This is the reality of tens of thousands of people that suffer so much already but then are repeatedly kicked while they’re down. 

The content below is the reality we must stop, we must organise and do something about it now.


I just wanted to say one last point before I share with you what was sent to me and that is of a response from a right winger to the content sent to me. He simply dismissed the entire thing and said – “why care what people think?” – I don’t know where to begin with how callous, dismissive and ignorant a comment that is. I’ll leave you to make up your own mind about whether or not people suffering like below and similar should be blamed and simply dismissed or whether or not the below is reason to fight for dignity and support for those suffering through traumatic circumstances, engineered circumstances through political design and manipulation, not necessity.


If only the government/system checked up on big tax evading/avoiding businesses the way it does vulnerable people getting a relatively tiny amount of support. Maybe then rather than there being a ‘need’ to check up on people, the system instead could function in a compassionate and empathetic way to help people.

We are made to feel guilt, made to feel as though we’re a drain on resources, we take but don’t give and therefore should be obediently grateful we receive any support regardless of how small and insignificant.

That isn’t how a society should be.

This has huge effects on those receiving support as we feel guilt/shame, we feel we don’t ‘deserve’ help, instead it should be about us, about how to help us to recover or if recovery isn’t possible then how to manage and enjoy life despite what we’re going through, not about condescending, belittling or shaming us. Not about making those in need feel as though they don’t deserve help.


It’s the culture/ethos/attitude that is embedded into the system, people can’t just receive help without strict and rigid guidelines, without checking for fraud/abuse, there is such a mistrusting nature, everyone becomes a suspect. 

Can you imagine if every time you went to the supermarket you were stopped and searched by security? 

Can you imagine every little part of your life constantly being questioned and put under scrutiny? 

Constantly being harassed and suspected by everyone?

Everyone doubting everything you do or say?

Having to constantly justify and provide proof for everything in your life? 

A constant barrage of accusations, mistrust and doubt?

Where nobody ever listens and you are treated as an undeserving underclass?

Where you are constantly looked down on because you are ‘weak’ because you need help? 

Imagine that on top of having traumatic and life changing/ruining health problems, on top of needing/depending on others.  

Once you experience it, empathise with it or are able to see clearly and comprehend just how backwards the system and the culture it creates is, you’ll realise just how despicable, callous and inhumane it is.

Change will never happen if we don’t speak up and if those in a position of power don’t listen.”

Thank you for reading, please share this far and wide, the very least we can do is raise awareness to the suffering going on under the noses of everyone in society.


Please also read thisthisthis & this and please sign this and this, thank you.

Fear of, and actual judgement is extremely debilitating. Causing lonelines, worsening health, suffering and even death. It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. Instead we should support those that need support, help those that need help. Don’t judge or presume, have empathy, compassion, patience and understanding.

It really is the very least to ask for.



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