Don’t be fooled by the ‘helping those most in need’/’most vulnerable’ rhetoric

By anonymous

If you’re fussy about correct grammar or bothered by swearing then don’t read this.

I needed to get this out from rattling inside my brain, eating the fuck away at me, I needed to get this out for me!! If like me you are going through ‘stuff’ then I really hope I don’t upset anyone. It isn’t offensive to those with ‘stuff’, it’s how I feel about this government, the pathetic-ness of our supposed welfare system and the ignorant and heartless attitude of so many in society.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘helping those most in need’ rhetoric. For one, as shown here, the Tories are not helping those most in need, so that is settled, there’s no comeback or explanation other than that the Tories don’t give a flying fuck about supporting those ‘most in need’ or anyone in any ‘need’. 

Secondly, think about why they say ‘most in need’/’most vulnerable’, they’re trying to create a culture that views disabilities/health problems as black and white, that you’re either disabled or able bodied, that you’re either able to work/live and not have health difficulties/disability that mean you’re ‘in need’ or you’re ‘most in need’. What about those in ‘some’ need? What about those with fluctuating conditions? What about those with invisible disabilities/health issues? What about those with mental health issues, mental illnesses, psychological problems, personality disorders? Why do we accept the rhetoric that compels people to judge ‘how disabled’ someone is or isn’t? To judge how ‘in need’ someone is? Why do we accept that once judgement has been passed that if you’re not ‘most in need’ that you then get no support? 

Health problems/disabilities are not straight forward, they can’t be judged by a quick tick box ‘assessment’ by a non-medical professional! Why do we accept this as okay? Why do we accept judgement of any sort!? Why is the support people receive so tiny!? So rigid and useless!? Why should those judged to be not in the ‘most need’ just be abandoned?! All sorts of such a huge variety of health issues and disabilities are just bounded/grouped together, most are in limbo, they’re not classed as ‘disabled enough’ – whatever the fuck that means – yet they’re not able enough to work but are told by a fucking administrator that they are able to work!! And if they don’t obey the oppressors then they’ll be left with nothing, left to die, left to be in such a traumatic hell that they take their own life! 

How does this not piss the fucking shit out of people!? Why are people not outraged and beating at the doors of Iain Duncan Smith and so on to stop the horrific abuse of not just those ‘most in need’ but everyone in need!! Why is society so passive to what people, already going through shit, are then subjected too! Regardless of how ‘much’ or how ‘little’ or whether in ‘some’ or the ‘most need’, EVERY-FUCKING-ONE in need should fucking get the help and support that they need. Help and support that is tailored to each unique individual with unique circumstances and needs!! 

And don’t give me any of this ‘there isn’t enough money to support everyone and tailor the support’, YES THERE FUCKING IS!! Do some fucking research!! I fucking despise that argument, the people that say it might as well just say – “No, people shouldn’t get support, because I know fuck all about the rigged system we live in and I’m okay with how the system is, so tough titties, people can just die and have their lives ruined for all I care, I don’t give a shit about anyone else, I believe everything I read in newspapers and I’m a callous ignorant cunt that thinks poor people choose to be poor, that everyone on benefits is a fraud, that they’re just lazy scroungers that want something-for-nothing and anyone that wants to change the system is just envious of other people’s success, they’re just jealous and want to steal other people’s money, I don’t care if tens of thousands of people die, it’ll be their own fault anyway.”

To those that think “well why don’t you get off your arse and do something”, I can’t, I’m one of the ‘not in most need’ that has been abandoned, I spend everyday trying to get through to the next but for absolutely no reason, I could have a life and work and all that, but I can’t do it without first having support, did I ask for this? No! Can I help myself? No! Do you not think I would if I could!?! 

Regardless of whether someone is in ‘most’ need or ‘some’ need then they should fucking get what they need! Why is that so fucking hard to understand by some ignorant and callous cuntfucks out there!!!!!???????

Yeh I’m fucking angry and so should you be!!



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