Jeremy #Corbyn and the end of the world. By Michael • @mikeypie12

By Michael • @mikeypie12

It has come to the attention of many in this country that noted Leninist Red Ed Miliband whilst travelling around the known socialist stronghold that is Australia has grown a beard to demonstrate his sympathies for the communist cause of bearded tyrant Jeremy Corbyn. Mercifully, his more rational brother David continues to give his unwavering support to blessed Liz. “I have been struck since the beginning of the campaign by the plain speaking, fresh thinking and political courage of Liz Kendall.” Said he. The one bright spark in all of this for David is that when the bearded fella wins he will receive free-NHS psychiatric care. It was also grand to see that the Yvette campaign – in a no way desperate measure – have put out campaign literature to demonstrate their gratitude for being the second preference (!) of our man David – the 2010 runner up.


Everyone loves a winner. One can only ponder however, upon how awkward it must have been in the Miliband household when their father Ralph invited friends such as Eric Hobsbawm around.

More serious matters than the foibles of the leadership election however, abound. The financial apocalypse – Chinese style. It is not entirely clear at the time of writing what effects the crash of the Chinese financial market will have on Britian, however we can all atleast agree it was again entirely the fault of Labour spending too much money on nurses, teachers and not putting disabled people in internment camps. Former New Labour advisor Damian McBride’s tweets read like a profoundly dystopian nightmare of impending doom and destruction. At this point you’re probably wondering – is Damian McBride serialising his new book on Gordon Brown in the run-up to the 2010 general election, on twitter?!? No, he too has been talking about the Shanghai Composite which has been cause for him to wake up in a cold sweat each morning for eighteen months. Indeed, a quick twitter search (don’t try this at home if you’re Louise Mensch) will uncover that the Shangai Composite advanced 52.9% in 2014. The words “bubble,” “speculation,” “will these people ever learn?” In no way shape or form spring to mind.

I wonder if anyone in The Conservative Party has considered that this would be an excellent and opportune moment to blindside the bearded fella’s wave of mass-mobilising popular support for nationalisation by buying back national assets on the cheap which were previously sold off to the Chinese? Naturally, these assets would then be sold off again at a later date at a massive loss to the taxpayer. I’m probably just being outright cynical. After all, cynicism is not something you would ever associate with The Conservative Party.

I will let everyone now get back to their routine and ritual Corbyn bashing. We don’t have much time before the sun goes down on us for good…

By Michael

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8 thoughts on “Jeremy #Corbyn and the end of the world. By Michael • @mikeypie12

  1. Sorry for the sidetrach here. For some reason I can’t contact you via email. I’ve posted this up on twitter but it’s as yet unedited and I’ve not proof read it back. Any amendments needed let me know, I was thinking of using subheadings to break it up a little. Also, if you can think of anything I’ve missed let me know and I’ll add it. Feel free also to add your own memes and pics to this if you publish it. I’ve not circulated it as yet and if you do publish, I will circulate your version from your site –

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    1. I’m confused… Did you write this for me to publish/also publish? Or… Do you mean for me to share your post from your blog on Twitter?

      You might have pop-ups/opening the email in your email client blocked, my email is

      Sorry about my confusion, haven’t checked Twitter for over a day now so I don’t know if I’ve missed something…

      I gave it a quick read and I can’t think of anything to add, apart from possibly some statistics on how exactly the cuts have been implemented, but I can just add the picture that DPAC have made with those statistics on. Plus maybe how people without disabilities might not realise how it’s not just cuts to benefits, but as you’ve mentioned with the access to work, is cuts to services, such as the personal budget that has gone through a ‘policy change’ (cuts) that now mean less people receive a personal budget for a personal assistant (support worker), especially for mental health/psychological reasons, it’s now just for ‘severe’ physical disabilities, with charities now supposed to take over, although we both know this isn’t possible. I mention this as I’ve personally been severely affected by this policy change, and I’m sure there are plenty of other services/cuts that could possibly be mentioned to make sure people not clued up don’t think that it’s ‘just’ benefits, which on their own obviously is having huge effects!

      But… That could probably be an entirely different post in itself that you could possibly write sometime for me to publish please? Because I don’t think your post should be any longer, it covers everything that needs to be covered and as always is exceptional in the far reaching knowledge you have that never ceases to amaze me!

      Thanks Sue


      1. Oh I posted it for you to publish if you want it. Also, I think I covered the points raised by the DWP response, and adding more to it would simply turn it into a book rather than a blog.

        I’ve linked evidence and so on thoughout. Let me know if you want to publish on Politcal Sift anyway

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    1. Sorry Sue, I wasn’t criticising 😔 was just mentioning things as you asked, but I did say that what I said would be for a different post as it would make it too long 😔 and I said it covered everything that needed covering.

      I merely added about the cuts to services as well as benefits because a lot of people I’ve spoken too think that it’s just cuts to benefits, not going through it themselves they don’t realise, that’s the only reason I mentioned it but I apologise if I offended you or seemed ungrateful 😔

      I’ll see if I get chance to publish it early (ish) next week, although I think that me tweeting it from yours will be just as effective and a lot easier for me as I’ve just received my letter today to switch from DLA to PIP plus very recently losing my personal budget and support worker. I tweeted you & wow campaign about it as I felt there needed to be an article out there as rebuttal to the government response. I didn’t mean for me to publish, not that I’m not grateful for you saying I can publish it as trying to get it read by as many people as possible is utmost importance!

      So I’ll try but I’m going through even more at the minute and to be honest I’m in such an unbelievably dark place right now.

      I do appreciate it, but I don’t appreciate that you reacted in such a snappy way at me, I didn’t mean to say anything offensive! 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔


      1. Oh I wasn’t offended! No worries at all. Also, I wasn’t being snappy either. I pointed out that the piece is directly answering the response from the gov, that’s all. I don’t need hassle for this, either.

        You asked for someone to write you a response, and so I assumed you wanted to publish it yourself, but no worries if you don’t.


      2. I apologise Sue, I just meant for there to be something out there, but if I feel up to it then I will publish it, yes, thank you.

        I apologise for giving you hassle, I’m all over the place at the minute and it wasn’t intentional, I clearly must have misinterpreted your reply and was upset by it. I do apologise.

        To be honest I’m thinking of giving this up as it’s so hard, emotionally and physically draining. I’m fed up, as must you be, of putting in so much effort despite going through such a traumatic hell just to get messages out to just a relatively tiny amount of people, I’m fed up of trying to fight when I don’t even have the strength in me to fight my own battles.

        I am sorry Sue, for giving you hassle, although it wasn’t intentional, and for appearing to be ungrateful.

        Night night Sue, thanks


      3. Aw no worries, I think the conversation went a bit wrong with us reading into it stuff that wasn’t there, I had no intent to be snappy. I know exactly what you mean – writing about topics like this IS extremely draining and exhausting, it means constantly having to face everything that’s so awfully wrong, and it’s unremitting under this government.

        Don’t give up, take frequent rests, especially when you are unwell. You’d be surprised who reads us, you know, last week Jeremy Corbyn retweeted on I’d written for Welfare Weekly.

        I didn’t think you were being ungrateful either, I had simply misunderstood what you wanted 🙂

        Just hang in there, look after yourself first. We can each do what we can, when we can, and of course, in our own way xxx

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