If you’re yet to vote, here are some things/questions you NEED to consider

This is just a super quick post before the ballot closes, please if you have other questions that people should really consider before they vote, add a comment or contact through Twitter PoliticalSift and I will add them into the post.

Do I care and does it really matter whether someone, or the policies they are proposing, might be labelled as either ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ wing? 

Will they make my life better? 

Will they make it so I have more opportunities to earn a decent living and, if I so chose, buy my own home or change career or go to college or university? 

Will the NHS, energy – production and price, education and higher education, public services, welfare, the things that I and my loved ones rely on now or may at some point rely on, be better, more efficient and fairer? 

Will they make everybody’s lives better, especially those that have the least and/or those with disabilities/health conditions and/or are in difficult circumstances? 

Do I trust what I read in the mainstream media? 

Can I look for myself at what all of the candidates are proposing? 

Can I look for independent articles/blogs to look for alternative analysis of the candidates and their proposals/policies? 

Can I discuss the candidates and their proposals/policies with other people that might have more insight than I do? 

What do their past actions tell me about what they will look to do in the future?

What have they actually said, rather than what has been written about them?

What are my principles and what are the principles of the candidates? 

Will they pander or will they stand up for what is ultimately right, fair and just?

Do they represent me?

Will they be an effective opposition to the Tories?

Will they improve my, my loved ones and everybody’s lives? 

Are their policies evidence based or are they sound bites with little substance?

Please comment and share. Thank you


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