How we can reinstate some national pride and a much needed sense of community. #RefugeesWelcome

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There has been much furore recently in the media about how we handle the current refugee crisis that is sweeping Europe. 

Many are happy to extend the hand of friendship and support whereas many more are not. The reasons given are essentially the same, though the level of vitriol varies greatly. The most common reason given though is that as happened to the holy family, there just isn’t room at the inn. In a five minute conversation with Twitter amongst friends we quickly realise that this simply isn’t the case and here are just a few of the many reasons why. 

Former military establishments, axed during recent govt cutbacks on armed forces, could be used as these all have living accommodation, washing and laundry facilities already in situ. Most of these sites have large areas of land attached so keen gardeners who are interested in helping could assist in establishing fruit and vegetable gardens. Growing conditions here in UK are very different to where most refugees are from so they might struggle on their own. This will be a therapeutic avenue like gardening often is but will also massively reduce the perceived burden on the tax payer. 

We have many disused Victorian schools now, which although unsuitable for education these days due to lack of disabled access, are still perfectly sound buildings. They all have kitchen facilities, heating and washing facilities so with a few minor adjustments could easily accommodate many families. Plasterboard and similar building materials are very cheap and if you aren’t looking for absolute perfection a few skilled tradesmen could teach and supervise a team of volunteers and within a day or so the classrooms could be subdivided into homes.

We have a huge amount of small disused community hospitals around the country. They weren’t abandoned because the buildings weren’t good quality but because road networks as well as medicine progressed and there was no longer a need for immediate local care. These again have washing, laundry and kitchen facilities on site. As with the schools, these could easily be divided up into family homes in days.
These are just a few that sprung to mind when doing a quick overview of the city I live in and I’m certain others will have better ideas when they look around where they live.

Bringing these desperate refugees to Britain could be one of the best things we have ever done as a nation. It has the potential to do so much to help our people as well as those we are trying to help. I have mentioned gardening and plasterboard walls but there is also things like painting and re-plastering the walls, checking the wiring, checking and repairing the plumbing which are all certifiable skills. This has the potential to earn those who are willing to participate transferable skills complete with qualifications and for those already with the skills NVQ assessor status. But the biggest bonus would be the restoration of the much lamented absent sense of community and national pride. 

We have managed in the past to accommodate large groups of refugees who fled to our shores in desperation and we managed just fine. No sudden spikes in unemployment, homelessness, or crime were noted. 

This is well worth a read to remind ourselves of Britain’s proud history in helping those in need. However, I did not live in those times and cannot speak with authority on how people at the time coped. What I can speak of is the influx of people from Bosnia in the 1990’s. Many returned home as soon as it was safe to do so. Not always willingly though as many were forcibly repatriated despite having managed to integrate fully by finishing education and securing jobs where they contributed fully to this country. Of those who were permitted to remain, they continue to be gainfully employed and contribute to society just like people who were born here do. The only notable difference now is maybe the occasional hint of their original accents. 

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