A prerequisite for #solidarity

Now that we’ve succeeded in Corbyn’s momentous victory, and it was we as a collective that achieved it, our next challenge (amongst various others while in opposition) is to assist in the victory of Corbyn and Labour in the 2020 general election. 

I’ve had this petition sent to me through a comment on this post regarding repealing the fixed term Parliaments act, due to it being undemocratic, purposefully designed so as to hold power for as long as possible without an election, regardless of if one is needed and/or wanted. 

Please sign it and share it to Twitter/Facebook, thank you. 
Yes it is almost 5 years away and yes there are present challenges for us all to fight, but those challenges are pertinent to a victory in 2020. 

How Corbyn, Labour and us of similar principles behave and act now regarding current travails such as the refugee crisis, opposing the Trade Union Bill and welfare ‘reforms’ will play a huge part in the next general election. 

In the here and now what is most important is that we fight for what is ultimately right, fair and just, that we fight to ensure those needlessly suffering no longer suffer. This is clearly more important than how the general public perceives Corbyn and Labour, human life is obviously the first priority.

Where we, ‘ordinary’ people, are concerned there is plenty that we can contribute, we must continue to engage with people online and offline, we must continue to expose and educate people of the lies of our government and mainstream media, we must continue to start, sign and share petitions, we must continue to contact our MP’s, we must continue to arrange and attend protests and demonstrations in vast huge numbers, we must continue the wide variety of things that people of all different backgrounds and circumstances contribute in our fight. 

Based on the establishment onslaught of Corbyn since his victory it is clear that it will only continue and will become more and more severe, there is a huge possibility that the establishments tactics of fear will have a significant enough of an effect to rig the election in 2020. 

So what can we, Corbyn and the Labour Party do to ensure this doesn’t happen? 

I’ve seen quite a lot of excellent ideas from various people, from the likes of Owen Jones and from friends online, I’ve had a couple of ideas that I’m hopeful many of you will be willing to help with and work together to achieve them. I just want to talk about one idea today, I need to give the others some further thought and discussion before I present them. 

(Please, if you have any ideas that you’d like to share in a blog post, comment on this post and I’ll share my email address to discuss further, thanks)

I believe we need a platform* to come together, to unite people locally and online. To do this I was thinking we could set-up a Twitter and Facebook account, and maybe a website if possible. The sole purpose of this account would be to help people connect to others similar to them in their local areas, whether that similarity is as a supporter of Corbyn, similarity of many varied causes or of just one/few causes that are possibly personal to some, such as anti-fracking, scrapping the bedroom tax, welfare cuts, anti-TTIP, etc. etc. 

If several people could run these accounts then we could ask people to contact us with a few details, name, location, main interests, etc., (eg. Sarah from Liverpool, Corbyn, social housing & trade union bill) that we could then share, we could start a hashtag for those looking to meet people locally or online such as (rough ideas) #MeetLocalCorbynFans #CorbynConnect or any other ideas people may have? 

Obviously, safety would be paramount, we would have to ensure that people meeting abide by guidelines that we would need to produce before we start.

The main point of these social media accounts would be to help people that would like to get involved to connect and meet other people locally, it will be the beginning of a growing process of political involvement.

From the hashtags and contact through social media we could possibly compile a list of people within different locations and interests with contact details to post on this blog, or on a website we specifically create for this, for people to look through. 

If we are going to mount a serious fight against the many injustices now and in the future, and if we are going to assist Corbyn to victory in 2020 then we need to come together, to come together we need something to help people connect, we need to create and run this platform, or something similar, for this to happen.

From coming together we can then organise and plan for the battles ahead in solidarity. 

I believe we need to do this as a prerequisite for action, this is an idea to do before we then come up with ideas. To help connect people and to grow from the bottom, from grassroots, into a strong unified movement.

Would anyone be interested in discussing this further? 

Ideally I’d like for quite a few people to take this idea and run with it, please? 

*I’m aware of organisations such as the people’s assembly, this idea would be one to work with organisations such as the people’s assembly, I’ve found meeting people locally exceptionally hard and I know of others around the country that have too, people that want to get involved, that want to engage and become politically active, but don’t know where to begin, that struggle to meet people locally.


Please comment, share to Twitter and Facebook, check out other posts on this blog and follow on Twitter – PoliticalSift

Thank you


8 thoughts on “A prerequisite for #solidarity

  1. It’s a source of deep horror to me that Clegg enabled Cameron to pass the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, so that we are now almost unable to have an earlier election than 2020, no matter how many of us want it, no matter how badly the government messes everything up. I’d really appreciate it, and maybe a lot of other people would as well, if you could sign and share my petition, which is an attempt to get Parliament to have a look at getting rid of this sinister Act. Thanks!

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    1. Good one: I’m really shaken by our lack of awareness of how parliament is being dis served by self interested MPs and lobbies – it’s scary to think that when politicians are destructive of our institutions we have no redress or account system. I’m concerned about how people are losing the vote and the will to live- so much is being rewritten without any permission.

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  2. The platform is a good idea, my only worry is that there are many platforms and it’s hard to keep track of them e.g. gov petitions site, change org site, avaaza etc. that perform very similar functions but sometimes generally, people will sign one petition but not the other, which I believe often dilutes the action and outcomes interested parties are looking for.

    Good idea to have several people running a main account, couldn’t it just be this site itself. Political Sift is a great name. With respect to hashtags, they are great, it would be a good idea that maybe all hashtags are along the lines of the local constituency #salfordCorbynUnited; #traffordCorbynUnited or #CorbynNorthernUnited; CorbynMidlandsUnited

    Guidelines are a must, as will be agreed meeting places. British Legion; local community centre’s etc. I’d be happy to have a stab at guidelines or a memorandum of understanding.

    Contacting and connecting with people locally is a must it’s just about how and where people connect and contact. A good template for involvement is the 38 degrees movement.

    Fantastic idea, building a visual map with links should be quite easy. A map of the UK that is drillable by region or area. Again might be useful for this to map to council boundaries.

    There are some immediate battle plans that can be tied in with this for example
    1. Conservative Party Conference – Manchester
    2. Labour Party Conference – Brighton (to show solidarity)
    3. UNISON Conference – Brighton June 2016

    Absolutely, I’d be an organiser/volunteer/moderator and I will run this by my CLP and my MP Rebecca Long-Bailey and will raise this at the next surgery that I can attend.

    Need to tie in to organisations like 38 degrees, change.org etc.

    Hope that this has helped and happy to move it on.

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    1. Yes please 🙂 I’ve just taken my night time meds (early night for me) so I can’t properly concentrate, but from what I can gather you know an awful lot more than I do and I’d love for you to take it further please? 🙂 I suppose ultimately online, particularly on Twitter, people find it fairly easy to connect with people of similar views/campaigns/etc., but I’ve spoken to plenty of people, and have struggled myself, to meet people in the real world locally. That is ultimately what this would be about and then from that, just as has happened on social media, bigger things will come from it.

      Hope that makes sense, apologies about my difficulty concentrating, huge thank you for this!! 🙂


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