The Death of Society

The following was written by @mikeypie12


We set the scene beneath the sickly embers of a once vast empire. An insalubrious and despised tyrant with disregard and contempt for his lowly serfs, envisioning attacks on proud Britannia. He amuses himself fornicating with animals, whilst the generals of his state plan a coup. This is not from Edward Gibbon’s epic The Decline and Fall of Rome, nor does it describe the sordid 1979 biopic of Caligula. A society in decline, modern Britain.

It cannot be said that this is a vibrant and healthy society. One which would propose replacing the human rights act with a Bill of British Values. Who knows what constitutes British values? Or why a man who would perform a sex act on a pig should be entrusted to carry out creating such a Bill?

A society that is founded on the suppression of Celtic culture, but prides itself on it’s rights to freedom decries an elected leader of the opposition for ostensibly not joining in the national anthem. An anthem that is representative of absolutely no-one in the nation who isn’t the Queen. An anthem that proposes servility. Utter pathetic and disgusting servility, a betrayal of one’s own self-worth to ask the good lord to save a monarch who claims their rights of ascendancy through divine providence. That their bloodline emanates from the will of God, and is such guarantor of their right to rule. So why should the people of this nation in addition to affording her and her family a lavish lifestyle ask God to save her? She’s the one claiming the divine right of monarchy, perhaps in such a case any request to be saved from another day of eating foie gras? Boredom? Wearing the same outfit twice? Would carry more weight if it came from her good self. 

Although we as nation must love the Queen, as she is simply a harmless old woman – and although she has gained her pre-eminence in this nation through virtue of descent, and as such we could quite easily by the same logic say that she must also inherit the many great crimes of her ancestors upon taking her position on the throne. However, we as the nation choose to see the Queen through the lens of common humanity, like the great-grandmother of mother England who we are often told simply saves the country from democratically electing the widely loathed Tony Blair as our president, in what is one of the strangest interpretations of democracy I’ve ever encountered. 

We will not take umbrage here with harmless Liz the good lady of England, we will take umbrage with the position she holds. However, it will soon become apparent how difficult it is not to reconcile good Liz, and the position which she holds. Constitutionally, the Queen is sovereign – which is to say she is the supreme authority who maintains the right as head of state, with the sole vested power to override any law or act she pleases – while technically (and there’s a good reason for this) this may not be enacted, any law must be signed off by her approval nonetheless – not the people of the electorate and their representatives who have taken an oath of allegiance to the crown. This is what it is, an oath of allegiance to her, and basically, a pledge to maintain the status quo and act in the interests of her wealth and privilege, in turn she grants her approval to parliament, giving concession to the plebs (or subjects) as it is an easier and more sensible way to maintain a lavish lifestyle, than having to go through a civil war.

This role of the crown within the legislature notwithstanding, it would be impossible to therefore justify that other great institution of wealth and privilege, the unelected House of Lords, aswell as the great many barons who have happily lived for centuries on land stolen from poor people. The monarchy quite simply upholds the class-system and de-facto aristocracy in this nation. This country is grossly unequal and grossly unfair because it is built that way. 

The interwoven network of the establishment is what leads me to what I have found most truly fascinating about the baeofpigs scandal and what I’ve noticed to be the most revealing thing about the ‘elite’ classes, and the part clubs such as The Bullingdon and Piers Gaverston play in it. Posh Dave, Boris and George, people that ascended towards the top of British society, not because of talent or hard work. Or even because they’re rich. They got there by harassing the homeless and performing sex acts dead pigs, as part of a ritualised humiliation to get accepted by the people in these societies which in turn gave them ‘power’ because they demonstrated such utter, pathetic and disgusting servility to gain the time of day from these oligarchical contemporaries – and they think we’re all jealous of that.

This country has a serious and ultimately destructive issue with wealth and class. The traditions and institutions which we are told we must be most proud of, lest we are unpatriotic are oft the most rotten and damaging. 

As the wealth gap widens between the rich and the ne’er do wells, society by default must become more polarised. Which is to say, on one hand we have a culture of “I’m alright, Jack.” For the lives and lifestyles of these people – which is to say their economic circumstances – to keep on improving, the lives of those on the other hand therefore must be getting worse. Ensuring that conflict is inevitable. No society can be maintained and upheld through such a division. As a republican, I therefore do not pledge allegiance to the Queen, or the anti-democratic institutions which is upheld against the people of this nation. I swear my allegiance to the only people in this country who have never betrayed it and have had no hand in societies collapse. The working class.


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