The Rebel Effect

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I try my utmost to avoid newspapers. Sometimes they’re unavoidable, and I give in to the affliction of wishing to read them. Yesterday was one of those days, I read an article in The Guardian that propagated the theory that workers-rights are about to undergo something of a renaissance and that noted economist and recently recruited Corbynista Thomas Pikkety is set to be disproved of his theories. The article and proposition followed the same principles of logic as those who from their ivory towers talk about the trickle down effect. Everyone who has ever actually worked a low-paid job knows what rubbish this is, and anyone with the most meagre understanding of capitalism as a system knows that for it to continue to function, it requires the continual exploitation of workers. Or for the unititated: to achieve continued fruition of wealth for those who own the systems of production. It is a question of surplus value – quite simply the value or the ‘price’ at market of a commodity will be determined through the cost of the procurement of raw materials and through the cost of the labour that went into production.

No-one in their right-mind who can clearly see the deteriotation of workers rights, put against a backdrop of technological advancement surplacing low-paid roles as described would propagate that this shall lead to a renaissance of higher-paid, skilled jobs. I think Thomas Pikkety and his theories can rest easy. Technology is not progress.  

Today was another one of those days. 47% of people can’t imagine Jeremy Corbyn as PM said Sky. Well there you have it. Only 53% of people can. Tom Pikkety arrived too late in the day to save our Jeremy’s hopes of leading the country to salvation. Maybes Tom can still achieve some good though, perhaps he can drop by Sky News on his way back to France and lend them a calculator.


Always nice to see the media have moved from mere bias into the realm of mindless stupidity, where a mathematical majority is deemed insubstantial.

It got me thinking though. The media and political class still haven’t figured out Jeremy Corbyn. Too counter-intuitive for them. The principles of which are, if One Direction got caught taking drugs or they got sent to the jail everyone would be outraged as it goes against the prissy image they present and they would be thus hypocrites or something to that effect. Whereas if almost any musician from between 1962 and 1994 did the same, people would say, “Oh there goes Keith Richards, upto his old tricks again, must go and listen to some Stones b-sides.” It’s exactly what people expect, and only enhances their popularity. If the media and Tories really wanted to damage Corbyn they’d go along with the popularism and talk about how state-interventionism is the way ahead like they do in Germany. It’d do more damage to his counter-culture, anti-mainstream image if they accepted him. Rather than effectively helping a known rebel in his approval ratings. That’s my theory anyway.

Strangely, I started reading A Very British Coup by ex-Sunderland MP Chris Mullin last night, and I’m puzzled how he has managed to fairly accurately predict all of this. Then again, I used to go deliver his leaflets when I was little around election time, because my da was well in in the local Labour Party. So he probably just foresaw the nature of the beast when seven year olds were wandering the streets campaigning for him on a platform of junior sedition and insurrection in contrast to his own electoral literature. “Why should we vote for him little man?” They said. “Says he’s going to campaign to nationalise everything and he’s going to deport the Queen.” Said I. I was never a royalist, even in my younger more impressionable years. “Champion.” Said they.

Michael • @mikeypie12

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