Leaving the EU will be cataclysmic for ‘working people’ | By @mikeypie12

The following was written by @mikeypie12


I was pleased to see the @MrTopple article on Brexit, and I read with interest. I imagine many regular readers of the PoliticalSift blog will still be shaken by the UKIP reference in the title. I highly suggest that you read his article in conjunction with my own, as I intend not to persuade or dissaude, only that readers may see both sides of an argument in order that they will be challenged by necessity to think about the conflicting view points and form their own assessment of the issue.


@MrTopple raises the point that we are an undemocratically corporatised leviathan. However, I imagine that will also be exactly the case should we leave the EU tomorrow. Except our government will now lose the shadow of obfuscation, or to put it another way, the capacity to blame their nefarious behaviours on obscure EU legislation or uneccessary bureacracy which frankly we are all fully aware no-one has the time or inclination to read, or question in order to confirm or deny the truth.


Secondly, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, unless, rather than resorting to fighting a proxy war in the Middle-East against Russia, we instead turn inwards and fight the Russian oligarchy amidst the wealthier suburbs of London. Reclaim our water and energy from the Chinese and the French. Remove every Amazon, McDonalds, Starbucks, Disney store from the high-street and so forth, until the very last vestiges of the American hedge-funds are driven from this country. 


The capitalist oligarchy will still over rule you through the continued installation of its: bankers, finaciers, the IMF, the hedge-funds, land-lords, shops, properties and its businesses and ethics. Oh, and I forgot to mention, you will no longer be protected by the EU Human Rights Act. So by all means, take this chance under a Tory government. 

We must remember, we remain in a post-imperialist bubble. We are a country laden with debt, de-industrialised, and with a a severly waning national infrastructure. While TTIP is a terrifying prospect, it is no less terrifying outside of the EU. As under the current system we must look to continue to actively trade within the EU. Whilst the new updated Trident may maintain litte England’s delusions of grandeur that we remain a major global power, the truth is that our fawning appeasement of the overbearing US, will likely be enough to ensure TTIP will apply to all future trading agreements whether we are in the EU or not. Simply facilitated by the power it heavily exerts through economic institutions such as the IMF.


Truthfully, I have been on the fence about the EU. I sense that on some level the notion of national sovereignty romantically appeals to us all. Indeed there is something appealing about that sense of Britain against the world. Truly, one last hoorah! for imperialism. Yet, I have too many reservations, and fail to see how we will be better off. For any part of me that may believe it is a step in the direction, the overwhelming rationalist in me believes it is one at the wrong time. I have too many unanswered questions which remain obscured by the tedious migrant argument.


Closer to home, I remain concerned about how it will impact overseas workers, and on the teetering peace process in the north of Ireland. At a time when a relative peace has been helped by EU freedom of movement which helps to guarantee citizens the best of both worlds (should they so choose), whilst for example, families divided by a border can enjoy a relative unity. Safeguarding the GFA – and on some level helping towards removing a layer of polarised ethno-nationalism. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Troubles, whilst it is not something I wish to dwell on, I’m sure it is something that none of us wish to see any kind of reoccurence of, anytime soon. However, the context of it is relevant and I mention this, because in many areas, I believe leaving the EU will aid a certain sense of isolation and create a further fragmented and divided society, where only those who have always done so will continue to benefit. No matter what.

Whilst for now, a balance is assured. The British Union has likely never been so fragile. Not only do we risk a return to conflict in Ireland, we also risk increasingly stoking the sectarian fires of ethno-nationalised Scotland. This is something not to take lightly, and I say it as someone who does not readily identify as pro-Unionist. 

As aforementioned. I believe, this EU referendum is coming at the worst possible time. Where some gains are being made towards greater social-cohesion which is something we desperately require.


One of the greatest challenges we face is the deep rooted divisions which emanate from a class system which divides workers, which in turn divides wealth and helps towards creating the rest of our social evils: racism, religious intolerance, homophobia, sexism and inequality in the workplace. Even positive social movements for change can fall into this category. In 2015, movements such as feminism shouldn’t be necessary. It should fall quite categorically and be guaranteed by the socialist and trade-union movements by their very nature. Yet, instead at its furthest points we have ironically a further division when we should be sharing in a common humanity.


We have to try and focus on the biggest issue and the root cause of it all: a system that is deliberately divisive and always works to the advantage of the same people as it has done for hundreds of years. Whether in or out of the EU it will continue to do so. We in turn must focus on building a coherent movement together to deliver a socialist society through which we can bring an end to all of the social-evils which quite frankly have no place in this or any other century. For us to be able to gain control of our unfettered destiny, to redistribute wealth and live in a healthy society where people can actually get by in life.


Whilst leaving the EU may temporarily satiate the national ego. It will not regain sovereignty, and it will not solve our innumerable social-evils. For that we have to look at our faltering system at home, and stem out its root causes. The truth is, until we are in a position to fulfill a socialist society free of the nefarious finacial and commercial institutions who continue to exploit this nations people and its resources, and until we are in a position which will guarantee the liberty and security of all citizens, voting out of the EU is a waste of time.

By @mikeypie12


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