What is the future of the SNP?

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After conquering most of Scotland in the biggest national election landslide of the 21st century, the question of what the SNP do with their new support, their new constituencies and their new seats in Westminster remains an enigma… for both the public and themselves. 

The SNP of course want independence for Scotland eventually but there are cracks starting to appear in their framework over the question of when this should come about. A lot of attention has been put on Labour’s divisions in recent weeks but there are also divisions among the 56 in Westminster and the 64 in Holyrood.


One of the issues creating disagreement between Sturgeon and Salmond and Robertson is that they’ve reached the top of the hill and do not know which way to go now. Do they go down the Left wing (at least in appearance) policies of Sturgeon as a main priority. Or do the SNP go with Salmond’s ideals that it must be independence no matter what the cost, even going back on your word of a once in a generation referendum. You’ll find these two figures starting to distance themselves from each other.


If they do decide to go with Sturgeon then the SNP will have a political war on three fronts (Leaving out the greens who I feel are starting to realise that they are getting nothing out of this friendship). This will be very difficult for the SNP as Scotland is a very diverse country, in every sense of the word. The SNP have won the seats in the central belt; places like Renfrewshire, Edinburgh and Labour’s heartland city of Glasgow, but they’ve also claimed victory in Perthshire, Angus, Moray and Banff and Buchan which are traditionally Conservative safe seats where the Tory voters always come second and number in their tens of thousands (Thus the reason for the questioning of Sturgeon and her policies earlier) and in the highlands where the Localism of the Lib Dems has made the highest points of UK gold for many decades. This is the metaphorical hill I spoke of earlier. The SNP cannot publically appease everyone because of Scotland’s political diversity and the fact that they’ve put themselves into a corner as the Tory hating, Labour bashing, no compromise party.


So the prediction I make will be that the Conservative ground will be the first to give way due to the fact that the SNP spent all this time posing as a left of centre party and so they will want to stay there. And in a matter of hours, the infamous panda joke will now move to be used against the Lib Dems and Labour solely as portions of Scotland will be shaded Blue once again for the first time in decades.

Of course this has no evidence of happening in the near future, but it will happen eventually, most likely by the next general election. Not necessarily in the order or party I predicted, but it will happen.

The SNP are bleeding support to Corbyn because for once in a long time, people have the option to vote against austerity without having to support independence

I think this will damage the SNP permanently in the long run. And maybe this will make the right wing of the SNP take over, making it apparent that Nicola Sturgeon is a prisoner to her own back benchers.

The tartan tory part of the party never left, they just had makeup applied to them by the leftwingers.

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4 thoughts on “What is the future of the SNP?

    1. English nationalism should and is welcomed as part of the fraternity of nations and regions who want to dissolve the union.

      Are you getting confused with the ultra nationalist unionists in groups like the BNP?

      Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Cornwall, Kent are all regions with a strong nationalist adpirition of independence from the union.

      The future for the SNP is bright until independence is gained and then they will dissolve.

      Last night the unionist parties combined to progress tax credit cuts through into legislation. Only the nationalist parties oppose austerity, whatever lies you choose to believe.


  1. You express exactly the attitudes that I’m questioning by attacking the “ultra nationalist unionists in groups like the BNP”, ie demonising English nationalism.

    The indiginous English working and middle class are currently under extreme attack from massive immigration by peoples with completely different and violent cultures, forced by the EU, in complete disregard for British national autonomy and democracy. This is driving wages down to poverty levels. The only group it is now permissible to criticise is white English men. We are seeing white genocide.

    I don’t understand your enthusiasm for tax credits, a hideously complex means enabling companies to pay poverty wages, topped up to poverty+ by government, unless perhaps you are a shareholder in them.


  2. I wasn’t attacking English nationalism. I was poimting out your apparent confusion over what is an English and brit nationalist party. If you can tell me which English nationalist group your talking about? Britain is a different place to England. You’re using them as the same.

    If you want England to have independence, then work towards it. Don’t be afraid of leaving the union, I’m sure you can manage your own affairs.


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