When have the Tories ever been on the side of anyone but their own priviliged kind?

The following was written by Tina Savage | @savage_tina


Did you expect anything else?

I was only a nipper when Thatcher was in government but I remember the day that she was ousted from No10. I was in primary school and teachers were running into each other’s classrooms over joyed, it was like all their Christmases had come at once. This momentous occasion has stuck with me into adulthood, so why have others forgotten the destructive force that the Conservatives really are? I was moved, like many others by the lady on BBC Question Time who was sobbing at the impact that tax credits were going to have on her and her family. She said she voted Conservative because she felt they would be better at securing a future for her children. No disrespect to her and the many others that felt the same, but what made them think that the Conservatives would do what is best for the many and not the just the few?

I have so much sympathy with the many people that are going to be directly and indirectly affected by the harsh cuts that the Conservatives are implementing but it really should be no shock!


History, and recent at that, shows what the motivations of the Conservatives are. When have they ever acted in the nation’s best interests? When have they ever been on the side of the average worker, never mind those that are unwell, disabled or a victim of circumstance? Let me think… NEVER!!!

In the run up to the last election all we heard from the Conservatives and the mainstream media was that Labour caused the financial crisis. We all know that was a lie but you didn’t hear it, unless you sought out the truth. This is where responsibility comes in. Think about it, who is responsible for ensuring that you and your family make ends meet? It’s not the government and it’s certainly not the media, it is your very own. Therefore we must ask ourselves why we listen to what they tell us and question what their agenda is.


When Labour got into power in the 90s we had schools that were riddled with everything from toxic black mould to asbestos. My aunt was Headteacher at a primary school that you could barely see out of the windows due to moss. Her dedication was second to none, she was a teaching head and she also managed the school office in the afternoon as the budget didn’t cover the admin costs. There were many days that she performed the duties of the caretaker too. When Labour came back in to power this changed. Schools began to thrive and raised standards through being an environment that fostered learning and was a place that valued students as the staff and the building were valued too! It wasn’t just about Labour though, we had many dedicated personnel like my aunt that went over and above the call of duty.

But this is becoming less and less as the Conservatives destroy the beating heart of society. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, firemen and teachers, the list is endless, are being pushed well passed their limit and breaking point is not too far in the distance. It is becoming ever more difficult for the heroes of our nation to function at a basic level, let alone go the extra mile that so many of them try to do.


We see the ongoing battle between Junior Doctors and the Health Secretary. A dictatorial overseer of the NHS who is intent on driving so many dedicated and giving individuals either to quit, immigrate or give up altogether. All this while he sits on a wage that most of us can only dream of and that’s even before we consider expenses and everything else! Is this really the kind of society we want?

So I ask you, what next?

Are you going to continue believing what the mainstream media pump out to you? Or are you going to think for yourself?

You can continue to believe that they are all the same but I can assure you they are not. You may have read much about how the Labour Party is in the wilderness since they elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader, I ask you to ignore the mainstream media and their agenda because they have much to fear from Jeremy. He is truly a man of the people and is motivated by the desire to create a more fair and equal society, where we are not victims of circumstance and where only the lucky get ahead. As he says “You may be born poor but you don’t have to stay poor.”


Does this sound like a man that would fight for the many or the few? Does this sound like a man that is leading Labour to the wilderness? For me the only leader that is taking us all back to the 80s and beyond is the leader of the Conservatives. We are going back to days that many of us have never experienced and none of us are really wanting to!

I can tell you I’m relieved knowing that Jeremy Corbyn is fighting for me and unlike the history of the Conservatives, Jeremy has been fighting inequality all along, so it’s no surprise when he says things that those fighting for the few and not the many are quaking!

“I want to tackle one thing head on. The Tories talk about economic and family security being at risk from us and perhaps even more particularly from me. I say this to them how dare these people talk about security for people and families in Britain. Where is the security for families shuttled around from one rented flat to another on six month tenancies with children endlessly having to change schools… where is the security for young people starting out on their careers knowing they are locked out of any prospect of owning their own home by soaring house prices. Where is the security for families driven away from their children, schools and communities by these welfare cuts… that is the nub of it, Tory economic failure. An economy that works for the few not the many.”

​​​​​​​Jeremy Corbyn Leader’s Speech

By Tina Savage | @savage_tina


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