Monopoly and the ideologies of division

An excellent article that should make everyone think long and hard about how the worlds resources – including people – are abused for the benefit of a tiny few, at ALL of ours expense.

The realisation of this should lead to a revolution; a change in how we work and fight AGAINST one another – for the benefit of the few. To instead work and fight FOR one another, for the benefit of one another. For the collective benefit of EVERYONE.

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I believe that all people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or culture share one thing in common. That is the desire to live in peace, sheltered from the elements, without fear of hunger. It really is that simple. However, there are those in positions of power who would have us believe that some are not deserving of these basic human rights.

This week the Prime Minister, David Cameron, let slip his thin veil of respectability when he referred to refugees, who are currently existing in the appalling squalor of the ‘Calais Jungle’, as a “bunch of migrants“. He would later refuse to apologise.

Of all the things that separate us only geography occurs naturally. The others, such as religion, racism, homophobia, sexism and class are merely man-made divisions that help create the illusion that somehow there are fundamental differences between us.

Whatever framework you use to make sense of…

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One thought on “Monopoly and the ideologies of division

  1. This is so true I would like to see this printed on leaflets and distributed to all schools and colleges so children are taught from an early age that life doesn’t have to be like it is

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