Apparently, the ego-maniac with the stupid hair has made his decision. Boris Johnson (AKA Bozza, AKA  Bojo, AKA Big Boris the Spider…) has thrown his clown shoes in the with the ‘OUT’ camp in the up coming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU). As such we can firmly gather that this is the beginning of his leadership bid. Boris is a shrewd political operator, he is no fool. His decision to join the ‘OUT’ camp might bring in a few extra votes from wavering euro-sceptics amongst his fan club, but this decision cannot be seen as one of conviction. This is about one thing. His career. Boris Johnson is a man of principle ….the principle of what decision will be best for his own interests & his ambition to be the first Winston Churchill impersonator with a stupid hair-cut to be Prime-Minister. Aside from the ‘awkward squad‘ (the hard-right, euro-phile, Brussels hating, Union Jack under-pants wearing wing of the Conservative party – home to the character from a P.G. Wodehouse novel brought to life Jacob-Reese Mogg) I’d wager that most of the Conservative party don’t give two shits about Brexit actually happening. Its about the idea of ‘Brexit’. ‘Brexit’ and euro-scepticism is a useful tool for the Tories. The EU is a fantastic scape-goat (I will never claim that as an institution it is perfect – far from it – but we get alot from the EU, in my humble opinion we need to vote to remain and work really bloody hard to reform it). For the Conservative party, for UKIP & for the media empires of Rupert Murdoch, Viscount Rothermere & Richard Desmond, it provides a ready supply of headlines & sound-bites about evil bureaucrats keeping Britain from being great ect. They are always messing with our fish, our bananas & our sausages. They let in all the immigrants you don’t like (*insert name of eastern European nation depending on your particular prejudices*). And we pay more in than we get out (apparently) – subsidising farmers in France! Bastards! Or “unelected” buffoons in Brussels….like Nigel Farage….ooops.

The fantastic Martin Rawson.

Anyway to return to the main point of this piece of commentary, the EU referendum has never been about getting a better deal from Britain in the eyes of Mr Cameroon. Cameron’s negotiations were a missed opportunity.

David Cameron’s negotiations are a missed opportunity to make the case for the real reforms the EU needs: democratisation, stronger workers’ rights, an end to austerity, and a halt to the enforced privatisation of public services – Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party.

It has never been about ‘sovereignty’ or what is best for Britain. It is an internal Tory dispute (that has raged for decades) writ large on the international stage. It is a distraction. A massive dead-cat. A bloody dead lion. Years & years of the right wing press whipping up anti-eu sentiment, using the EU as a scape-goat for every thing wrong in Britain (it could never be the British government doing all the things you don’t like ….no….no its those bastards in Strasbourg or Brussels).  The point of Boris throwing in his lot with the ‘OUT’/Anti EU camp is not his belief that Britain would be better out, but is simply this: to gain himself some euro-sceptic street-cred for after the referendum. I am not going to engage in a detailed analysis of the case for ‘Brexit’ or the case to ‘Remain’, but I will put money on this: Boris joining the ‘OUT’ camp is being made to be this massive coup. However they will lose. There’s too much at stake, and not to agree with David Cameron (this makes me feel so dirty) it would be a ‘leap into the dark‘ economically speaking. Fear will keep us in the EU, for better or worse.


So, given this inevitable result, we can see why Boris and to a lesser extent the fish faced man (Michael Gove), perpetual smug faced lady (Priti Patel) & Nosferatu (Iain Duncan Smith) have all placed themselves with Farage et al. The referendum will NOT resolve or appease the raving UKIPPERs or the awkward squad, and it isn’t designed too. The purpose of the EU referendum is to ramp up the euro-scepticism even further & make people angry. Angry people think less critically. Its also a nice big stick to beat Labour with. Nothing will abate the anger at the EU or the irrational Brexit desire among the right of the Tories & UKIPPERs. Boris knows this, and he is positioning himself  for the Tory leadership contest following the referendum. Its about his career, simple as that. And I’m sure Cameron & Boris’ divide is an act ….Cameron doesn’t give two shits what Boris does, Cameron’s gone in a few years – off to BUPA or Goldman Sachs. Its an act. The Tories aren’t stupid enough and are too ruthless to let these divisions affect keeping themselves in power long term.  For Bozza et al its not a case of conviction but preparing for the future. He can come out clean on the other side of this, and likely as the ‘heir apparent’. You heard it here first…..and probably elsewhere. If we aren’t careful this could be our future…..

A dystopian nightmare where a Fish Man & a Clown are in charge

By Frederick Antonio Gallucci | International Law LLM | @gibblegbble


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