Why Brexit is not the same thing as leaving the EU

by @pwmcb

Who would choose to remain part of an elite trading block which acts as a giant petri dish supporting the viral tentacles of the most heinous neo-liberal profiteering imaginable? Is it any wonder that Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi Group and Morgan Stanley have officially poured over £1.5 million into the, remain campaign battle fund whilst using their corporate and financial might to lobby for stay and brief against leave. Would you choose to be part of an economic community where proud sovereign nations like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy have had technocratic governments appointed for them to manage their private debt and privatise their national assets? Let us consider a handful of key figures at the centre of the EU project in the 21st Century

  • Jean-Claude Trichet President of the ECB from 2003 – 2011, Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg steering group committee member and long term member of the Group of Thirty.
  • Mario Draghi President of the ECB since 2011, Chairman of the Financial Stability Board 2009 – 2011, Governor of the Bank of Italy 2005 – 2011, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International 2002 – 2005, member of the Group of Thirty.
  • Antonio Borges Director of the European Department of the IMF 2010 – 2011, Vice – Chairman of Goldman Sachs International 2000 – 2008, 2011 appointed to oversee the public – private partnerships, privatization measures by the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF troika to ensure Portuguese monetary aid.
  •  Mario Monti unelected Prime Minister of Italy 2011 – 2013, European Commissioner for Competition 1993 – 2004, long term international adviser to Goldman Sachs
    – Lucas Papademos Prime Minister of Greece 2011 – 2012, Vice President of ECB 2002 – 2010, Governor of the Bank of Greece 1994 – 2002 during which time he facilitated the Goldman Sachs derivatives deals which masked Greek debt for Euro currency entry laying the foundations for the Greek debt crisis.
  • Mark Carney Governor of the Bank of England 2013 – present, Governor of the Bank of Canada 2008 – 2013, succeeded Mario Draghi as Chairman of the Financial Stability Board in 2011 prior to 2004 spent 13 years with Goldman Sachs. Currently a member of the Group of Thirty.
    (The list goes on by the way)


Europe’s leading political figures (such as the current ECB President Mario Draghi, above) have often held posts in Europe’s corporate and financial sectors. Links to capital undoubtedly reflected in the austerity policy enforced upon southern states striken by sovereign debt crises, as well as the EU’s secretive approach to TTIP.

The 21st Century European Union has had at its beating heart not bureaucrats but bankers with an insatiable appetite for the capitalisation of countries. These ambitions are reaching an unholy climax right now with the TTIP negotiations which will see the largest surrender of national sovereignty to corporate control ever. It is unsurprising given the personalities mentioned above that the commodification of national resources and services has been the key driver in their European project. A trading block of mature “democracies” housing over 500 million souls is solid gold for the predatory capitalist multi-nationals and their global banking owners. With universal trading legislation, employment legislation and the free movement of employees this is manna from heaven.

There are compelling arguments from the left to leave this cabal of corporate facilitators behind and forge a different path. We were given a prime time box seat of EU brutality during the Greek financial crisis and a clear indication of where their allegiance lies. 

But leaving the EU and Brexit are two very different things. Brexit is a club led by the right, if the UK vote to leave the EU the credit for the achievement will be firmly placed at the table of Captain Boris and First Mate Michael. With the weight of the Murdoch empire blowing so much wind in the sails of the good ship Brextannia the cutlasses of the Brexiteers will be free to slash with political impunity, on the crest of a wave so powerful that any policy directive will be not be heard over the volume from the Brexit street party that will act as a constant distraction, a white noise diverting attention from the excess of extreme right policy making. And make no mistake they will not be excluding the global corporations from their continued infiltration in to British public life and ownership of UK national assets.


The Brexit Campaign that has monopolised the debate surrounding any notion supporting Britain’s exit from the European Union; is one of an inherently nationalistic, right wing nature with nothing but favour for further privatisation of state assets.

No more cuddly Tories. No more compromise from David Cameron, George Osborne, Teresa May, Jeremy Hunt. No more compassionate conservativism from Liz Truss, Sajid Javid and Philip Hammond. Welcome to the darkest blue excess of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Ian Duncan Smith, John Redwood, Peter Bone, Priti Patel, Liam Fox et al. The reason that Brexit is not a vote to leave the EU is simply that it has become a vote to express support for the most right wing heirs presumptive to the keys of UK public life imaginable. It is beyond belief that this group of people be allowed to lead the UK with the confidence of self-congratulation afforded to them by their very own Brexit achievement, at least until the 2020 general election and bearing in mind the importance of momentum in politics, I would suggest at least one more term possibly two. If these people get a grip of power they will do everything to keep it. If you subscribe to the notion that being a member of the EU erodes our national sovereignty then be prepared for a pedal to the metal transfer of what is left of our natural resources, public services and public assets to private enterprise in as short a time as possible without the restraint offered to us by the social democratic political culture of the individual nations that make up Europe. The voices on the left have become afraid to express an alternative message to support leaving because the trumpet blowing, flag waving right has high jacked the debate so successfully that to consider leave is essentially handing over the reins of control to the most ideologically right wing government in living memory.


The right wing figures fronting the Brexit campaign would be significantly bolstered by a Leave result.

The most compelling reason to stay in the EU is to avoid the coup that has been festering in the Tory party for decades. Yes the EU is far from perfect, it is a breeding ground for corporatism led by accountants and bankers but the individual governments which make up the union operate with an underlying current of political social democracy which from time to time does temper the excess of the corporations in favour of citizens. I have no doubt that the electorate of our great country do have the ability to manage our own affairs, formulate our own constitution, protect human rights, operate fair and constructive employment legislation and retain an element of our sovereignty as a nation out with the EU but I genuinely believe that leaving the EU under the Brexit formula endangers all of these. The UK may take generations to recover and semblance of social democracy under the stewardship of the Brexit buccaneers, so before you put an X on the ballot paper think very carefully about WHO and not WHAT you are voting for. Both choices are far from positive but for me only one choice poses a greater and more immediate danger to our country and what is left of our democracy. If you oppose the unfretted doctrine of the far right please for the time being keep your powder dry on the EU, save it for another day and this time vote to remain.

If you wish to contribute a similar piece covering contemporary economic and political events or left wing politics in general. Please contact James Clark at:@jclarkpoleconjclark.jc96@gmail.com

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