The time for European Working Class organisation is NOW

by Anonymous

The European working classes must organise outside of the state NOW. Connections must be sought across the continent and beyond by all who believe in a socialist, stateless society, the absence of Britain from a capitalist regional trade agreement is of no real burden to this task.

But first let us not be delusional, the British State, European States and the European Union will all continue to tighten the noose around the lowest rungs of society in light of this news. The re-enforcement of the rule of the market by the Capitalist state is an inevitability in the face of any threat to the social and economic conditions necessary to capitalism’s continued reproduction.

Despite this, there is undoubted potential for European working class organisation, outside the state, in the midst of any economic fallout. Damage is undoubtedly to be inflicted upon the British state and the European Union, whether it be by the process of Britain leaving or the reactionary and incompetent right wing governance likely to follow.

But it is not the job of socialists to revel in inevitable capitalist vicissitudes or the burden they place upon the state. Rather, it is the job of socialists to work together across state boundaries to organise and to provide the alternatives for people to turn too in this midst. There must be organised working class provision where the welfare state has retreated on the grounds of the state’s creaking fiscal burden. These efforts must be enacted now if the revolutionary left is to gain a foothold from any undermining of the state’s economic authority.

As for the centre left, they have got their just desserts for their groundless campaigns. It appears that faceless social democracy is all but dead in the water. For how can an ideology grounded on the shift of Capitalist profits to the working classes be successful when consistent profitability eludes even the Capitalists themselves?

Despite the centre lefts outpouring of admiration for the European Union, its track record has shown little more than the utmost favour for the integrity of its financial markets whilst many of its member state’s working populations fester. Not that any sympathy toward the working class cause is likely to be found in a British government who’s nationalistic wing has been significantly bolstered.

British socialists must now realise that faith placed in any state apparatus for working class concessions is all but expended.

They must realise that the financing of state concessions to the working class in the form of the National Health Service and so on has only ever been built upon our history of parasitic exploitation of the rest of the world (indeed, any damage done to the City of London by Britain’s exit is a gain for the world’s oppressed). Luxuries alien to those in the developing world living in absolute poverty as the everlasting cornerstone and foundation of Western capitalism. They may indeed even become alien to future Western generations as their financial burden begins to outweigh any element of state “social responsibility” towards them.

Britain’s exit from the European Union is a blow to the centre left, in its place it must be a spur to working class organisation that transcends national borders and ignores the mirage of the state. Britain has taken this decision and as such British socialists have a responsibility and a choice. To flog the dead social democratic horse, or to fight for International Socialism. The efforts of the mainstream left to support the European Union represent the former rather than the latter. Indeed, it is clear which choice plays into the incessant and unopposed right wing advance. I hope you can spot it too.

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