The vast majority of Leave voters will, in time, come to realise that who they truly support is Jeremy Corbyn

Opinion piece by Rhyley Douglas: Political and Social Psychologist

One could consider some of this as – ‘An open letter to those a part of the coup against Jeremy Corbyn’. So those in support of Jeremy please pass this on, please share amongst Jeremy’s support and please also share to those against Jeremy.

When it comes down to it, the EU referendum had nothing to do with party politics and even less to do with support or not of Jeremy Corbyn – regardless of what anti-Corbyn MP’s or Blairites or self-interested career politicians or wealthy elite puppets or whatever one wishes to call them – may proclaim.

The EU referendum has happened at a time where levels of inequality, levels of anger and levels of societal problems – following the financial crisis and Tory policy – has culminated in circumstances where the working class have finally woken up and have had the opportunity to voice their frustrations at that which has been forced upon them. It’s taken some time, but the working class are finally beginning to reject the way things are. Unfortunately however, the means available by which the working class had such an opportunity to voice their frustrations, was with a vote to leave the EU.

For those that have read my two previous articles (found here & here) or that are a part of the ‘politically informed’, those outside of the mainstream media oppression – you’ll be well aware that this referendum had nothing to do with what the mainstream camps and commentariat propagated.

Change wasn’t on offer at this referendum, at least not the change which the angry working class leave voters believed it to be

For many ‘ordinary working people’, this referendum was an opportunity to feel as though they were making a statement, that they were demonstrating their desire for change. For many ‘ordinary working people’, this referendum was a vote against the status quo.

A vote to leave was, when it really comes down to it, a vote against the actual problems themselves and not against that which they’ve been manipulated to believe is the cause of these problems – immigration.

This was an opportunity for ‘ordinary working people’ to express their anger at the way things are, they might not realise it yet, but their vote to leave was a vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Their vote was a vote for Jeremy because Jeremy will bring exactly that which leave voters ultimately want to see happen. Jeremy represents the changes which angry leave voters desire. Now is the time to show to ‘them’ that, actually, we’re on the same team. Right now is the perfect opportunity to grow in numbers and in strength to really take the fight to a weak and disunited Tory party.

If there are any sincere individuals which have genuine concerns about Corbyn’s leadership – which I highly doubt there is – what they’re failing to see is the huge opportunity for Labour to present itself to society as the mechanism for change that leave voters are looking for. Especially with the disunity and weakness of the Tory party at present, especially with the increase in political engagement out there that this referendum has produced. Especially with the anger out there at what has happened over the past 40 years, but even more so since the financial crisis and during Tory rule. Especially with the issues which have been raised during the course of this referendum by the Tories and mainstream media themselves within the Leave campaign – the state of the NHS, housing crisis, education shortages, jobs, pay, living standards and so on.

Also, and I believe this to be monumentally critical; the ‘issues’ of the EU and immigration will no longer be a decisive reason as to whom people vote for. At the next election these issues won’t be on the table, the Tories and UKIP won’t be able to suggest to the electorate that Labour are ‘pro-EU’ and ‘pro-immigration’.

To those a part of the coup against Corbyn I say this – You believe (granted amongst other things) that Jeremy’s position and views on the likes of immigration are at odds with the views of ‘ordinary working people’, but that simply doesn’t matter anymore (not to mention that the Tories et al used and abused those issues and instead of pandering to the Tories, mainstream media et al, you could and should have challenged this, you should have backed your party leader and the mandate he has from your party members). The EU referendum result has ended the debate on the EU and immigration, now you have a ginormous opportunity to kick on as a united party and oppose the Tories. The Tories and/or UKIP won’t be able to whip up hysteria about immigration, they won’t be able to blame immigration and they won’t be able to spout propaganda against Labour on this and the ‘issue’ of the EU.

The referendum result has closed the door on debates about immigration and the EU, no longer are they to be used as political weapons. The Tories have plenty more weapons up their sleeves, plenty more things and sections of society to unjustly blame – to deflect attention, cause division and conflict, but arguably their biggest weapons are no longer available, especially to be used against Labour.


Now that the referendum has been decided, it doesn’t matter what Corbyn’s and Labour’s stance perceivably was on the EU and immigration. The decision has been made, the Tories will no longer have the EU and immigration to blame for societal problems – Corbyn and Labour can galvanise the anger out there and now that the EU and immigration are no longer decisive reasons as to whom people vote for – previous views, on what will be historic issues, will no longer be pivotal at the next general election.

Part of me does worry that the reason the Tories wish to drag out Brexit – is to still use immigration as an issue at the next general election. As we’ve seen with other nations, the free movement of people can and usually is a part of trade deals. I wonder whether the Tories and UKIP will claim that Labour wish to include the free movement of people in trade deals if they’re elected, whereas the Tories and UKIP will claim that they’re not going to accept free movement of people? From my understanding, it will take years to negotiate our exit and many more years to negotiate trade deals, so the above could be a possibility, perhaps, I’d love to hear your views on this please? (I’d love to hear all views on the entirety of my thoughts). Could the above be a possibility? If not, then the EU and immigration are done with when it comes to using those ‘issues’ for political gain and for a reason not to vote Labour, as a reason not to support Corbyn.

The working class vote to leave is, actually, in support of Corbyn, some just don’t know it yet. Now is the time to be united and now is the time to oppose the Tories to deliver on that which ‘ordinary working people’ believed they were voting for with a vote to leave.

Leave voters voted for change – change is exactly what Jeremy Corbyn represents – Jeremy Corbyn represents “ordinary working people” and the Parliamentary Labour Party needs to do the same.

Thank you for reading and for sharing, Rhyley.

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