Lies, damn lies and false narratives

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THunt-800x500 Tristram Hunt

The self-styled ‘moderate’ wing of the Labour Party is mounting a desperate rearguard action against the newly resurgent left. They have unleashed an unprecedented and vitriolic campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. This is familiar territory for Labour’s right-wing. Those of us who were part of the movement thirty years ago will recognise some of the tactics, and even the language being used.

In the 80’s, Labour’s leadership were on the warpath against Militant, a socialist organisation that argued for the party to adopt a left-wing platform and resist the Tories inside and outside of parliament. Rather than ‘stand outside the tent pissing in,’ Militant argued their case from inside the Labour Party its self; in much the same way Progress, their right-wing antithesis, argues for pro-capitalist policies inside Labour today. When the left do it, it’s called ‘entryism’ and they are expelled from the party…

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